Always Watching, Never Seen

Video Surveillance

With GOST XVR, you can stream real-time video surveillance footage from your boat to any computer or mobile device. This system is compatible with up to eight HD cameras, and includes a four terabyte backup system that can store up to three months of footage. The XVR unit is compact and works seamlessly with a broad range of cameras, making it the perfect video surveillance solution for any sized boat.


  • Live Camera Feeds
  • 4TB Backup System
  • Ultra-Fast Data Communicator
  • Connects Up To Eight HD Cameras
  • Access From Any Device


Up to eight high-definition video surveillance cameras


Continuously backed up on a 4TB system with battery backup.


Each system provides up to 90 days of high-definition video back up.

Video Surveillance

Keep watch over your boat in real time. GOST Watch HD, provides the latest in surveillance video streaming technology to provide you with definition video feeds of your boat anytime, anywhere. The GOST system is easily configurable to any size boat for a maritime vessel. Please give us a call if you have any questions. We are happy to help you design the perfect surveillance system for your boat and your budget.

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Always watching, never seen.

Geo-Stationary Satellites provide unparalleled reliability.

GOST satellite technology is based on INMARSAT’s 13 geostationary satellites, which provide unmatched reliability. Geostationary orbits allow satellites to match Earth’s rotation, providing uninterrupted feeds over any designated area.

Geo-Stationary Orbit Altitude:
22,236 Miles (35,786 Kilometers)




Global Network


Relay Stations

Satellite Ground Relay Stations

Strategically positioned ground relay stations forward your vessel's information so that you can access it on any mobile device.

  • Laurentides, Canada
  • Winnipeg, Canada
  • Lino Lakes, USA
  • Paumalu, Hawaii
  • Burum, The Netherlands
  • Fucino, Italy
  • Nemea, Greece
  • Perth, Australia
  • Merredin, Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Warkworth, New Zealand

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