GOST Phantom Security Package

Wireless Security Protection with Two Way Voice control through the built-in 2G quad-band GPRS/GSM Module for simultaneous Voice& Text Reporting & Control.

In the event of intrusion, the GOST Phantom will call and/or text up to 8 phone numbers alerting recipients to the incident that has occurred on board the vessel. The system will also monitor loss of shore power and power restoration. Wireless relays can be added to control any AC or DC powered devices on board remotely over the phone or locally with a key fob. Call the boat to turn on the air conditioning, lights or even start the ice maker so it’s ready on your arrival. When in alarm, relays can be used to control an external siren and flash the vessel’s lights to attract attention. Additional sensors can be added including deck pressure sensors, pull sensors, infrared beam sensors, canvas snap sensors and more. The GOST Phantom S is fully upgradeable to other versions of the GOST Phantom or GOST Insight HD Packages.