The most basic version in the Nav-Tracker family of tracking systems, it is designed for customers who only want tracking capabilities. The unit has an optional panic button to alert designated message recipients that there is a problem and an optional arm/disarm button to control the geo-fence on board. This unit meets insurance requirements for tracking.


This hardwired, tamper-resistant vessel monitoring and tracking system is specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. It offers global remote accessibility and includes a lead acid battery backup. The system will send a monitoring report when power is cut or lost and switches to battery backup; or will send an in alarm report when it is opened or the panic button is pushed.


This water-resistant security, monitoring and tracking system offers key fob control and wirelessly communicates with all its security and monitoring sensors. Designed for high-end center consoles and go-fast boats where everything gets wet, it can accommodate up to 64 wireless security & monitoring sensors and 5 wireless relays to remotely control any AC or DC function on board. The NT-Evolution comes complete with a battery backup and uses the 8th generation Nav-Tracker website and the ultra-reliable Inmarsat Satellite Constellation for all communication and control. This version of the Nav-Tracker meets insurance requirements for tracking and additional insurance premium discounts are available from some carriers because of the security and monitoring aspects.

GOST NT-Evolution 2.0 SM