Vessel Monitoring Systems

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The NEW GOST Phantom is the Wireless Security & Monitoring
head unit with built in quad band GPRS/GSM Module.

Our legendary Marine Magellan head units have been revamped with an even sleeker design and many enhanced capabilities including the ability to report via text message as well as the traditional two-way voice!




The NEW GOST Phantom can now support up to 64 wireless sensors for security and monitoring & 8 wireless relays to control any AC/DC functions on board your vessel. Monitor high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power, temperatures in bait & food freezers, smoke, intrusion and so much more. Sophisticated, marinized deck pressure sensors, door contacts, dual optical passive infrared motion sensors and pull sensors alert you to intrusion or potential theft on your vessel. “Prevent the event” by programming a siren and flashing lights to go off when a sensor is triggered and get would thieves off your boat immediately. When an event occurs, the Phantom will call/text up to 8 phone numbers with a voice recording or text message letting you know the vessel’s status and the event that has occurred.


Key fob control allows for easy arming/disarming and displays the system’s status using visual (LED) and auditory feedback. Up to 6 different functions can be programmed and the system’s stats can be checked with the push of a button. Remotely call in from any phone to check the system’s status, arm/disarm the system, control outputs (turn things on or off such as a lights, air conditioning or even your ice maker before a fishing trip!), leave messages for friends and crew, or call in to have two way conversations with those on board through the units hands free speaker phone. Have contractors on your vessel working by the hour? Your GOST Phantom unit can be set to discreetly make calls to you when certain codes are entered to disarm the system so you know exactly who is on your boat and when they arrive.

Another great feature of the GOST Phantom head unit is the ability to arm two separate partitions. This allows users to have two independent security systems in one, allowing individual arming/ disarming of separate areas of the vessel. This can be particularly handy if the vessel owner wants to have the crew quarters and engine room independent from the rest of the vessel or however you wish to configure it.

All of the ultra reliable Phantom wireless security & monitoring sensors, sirens, relays, remotes, and repeaters seamlessly integrate into the GOST Phantom.

NEW GOST Phantom Head Unit for Phantom & Insight HD Packages:

GOST Phantom 64-Zone All-In-One Wireless Console

  • 64 wireless zones
  • 2 onboard relay outputs, 8 wireless relay outputs
  • 2 Partitions
  • Built-in transceiver 433MHz
  • Built-in quad-band GPRS/GSM module
  • Hands-free speakerphone
  • Two-way voice communication with those onboard
  • Independently reports for loss of shore power
  • Built-in 16-character LCD keypad with voice prompt
  • High-quality voice and sound
  • Vessel message center (up to 30 sec. w/time stamp)
  • Alarm clock
  • Access system remotely by telephone
  • Receive system status 4 ways
  • (LEDs, LCD, Voice & Text Message)
  • Chime zone capabilities for entrance/exit
  • Up to 16 users and 16 key fob remote controls
  • 256 events buffered
  • Built-in 90dB siren
  • Supports 4 wireless sirens (GMM-SRN-STR)
  • Supports 4 wireless keypads (GMM-WKPD-LCD), displays first 32 zones only
  • Supports 4 wireless repeaters (GMM-IP65-RP)
  • Supports 16 two-way remotes (GMM-KF2/GMM-KF3)
  • Remote firmware upgrade via GPRS