Satellite Nav-Tracking Package

GOST Satellite NAV-Tracking delivers total peace of mind. Our award-winning satellite tracking packages, powered by Inmarsat’s geostationary satellites constellation, provide you with the options to securely monitor your boat from anywhere in the world 99.99% reliability.

• Realtime Position Tracking
• Remote Access from any device
• Geo-Stationary Satellite Constellation
• 99.99% Global Coverage Global
• Geo-Fence Alert System
• Two-Way, Reliable Satellite Service

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    GOST Security & Marketing Package

    The universal control unit is a central hub for all your security and monitoring device communication.

    The core package includes: Universal Control Unit, Door/Hatch Sensor, Mini-siren and Keyfob.

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    • This “Next Generation all in one” video recording system will take up to eight 1080P HD or analog cameras over coaxial and ONVIF protocal IP cameras can save up to 3 months of footage with a four terabyte hard drive. The NEW GOST Watch HD XVR with 4TB HDD Has 8 A/D Gateways built into the back of the XVR! The XVR supports 5MP HD resolution (2560 x 1920) IPC input for recording, and live viewing. Footage catalogued onboard the vessel for viewing and downloading or remotely via the NEW GOST Watch HD App.

      The GOST Watch HD 4G Package includes the XVR, two high resolution wide angle GOST Mini Ball 1080P AHD Cameras, two 50’ GWHD Siamese Cables and the ultra fast GOST 4G LTE Octo-Deuce: 16 LTE band high speed M2M Cellular data module with built in WiFi.

    Watch HD XVR

    The XVR system is the central hub for real-time video surveillance and back up. This unit come standard with all GOST Watch Surveillance Systems.

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