Connect to your boat from anywhere.

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Connect with your boat from any device.

Our newly released GOST Specter interface makes connecting to your boat easy and seamless experience. Securely log into your account from any mobile or desktop device and take control of your boat.

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Satellite Tracking

Always know your boat is safe with our award-winning satellite tracking system. GOST tracks your boat from any device with absolute precision providing peace of mind through real-time position & alerts.

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Real-Time Video Surveillance

This “Next Generation all in one” video recording system will take up to eight cameras and can save up to 3 months of footage with a 4TB hard drive.

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Boat Security & Monitoring

GOST provides real-time information about your boat. You have the ability to view and monitor all your boat's critical systems on a single, easy-to-use dashboard with real-time messages & alerts.

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