FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies) has been working with Gunboat International to provide global remote security, monitoring, tracking and high definition video surveillance for Gunboat Catamarans, including the new Gunboat 55 and 60.

GOST Phantom Insight HD GPS IVR packages have been designed to provide Gunboat owners with complete peace of mind from anywhere in the world, whether on board or hundreds of miles away.

Over 12 years ago, Gunboat founder Peter Johnstone set out to create the safest world cruising sailboat that could be conceived. Tribe was launched and pioneered a new, high performance cruising catamaran segment. With rugged high tech structures, breakthrough ocean-going designs and luxurious interiors, word quickly spread. The knowledge gained from seven different series and 12 years of refinement and innovation continue to push the Gunboat team to ever improve and evolve the segment they created.

“Gunboats are ultimate performance cats designed for extended offshore cruising and circumnavigation. Our all-in-one Insight HD system provides peace of mind for owner-operators or crew, anywhere in the world,” said GOST President and CEO Jay Keenan.

The Insight HD GPS IVR package adds a GOST Nav-Tracker and GOST Internet Video Recorder (IVR) to the GOST Insight HD security, monitoring and video surveillance package. The added GOST Nav-Tracker provides Inmarsat based GPS satellite tracking and a GOST Internet Video Recorder (IVR) allows Gunboat owners to store and remotely view onboard surveillance video for up to 3 months. The GOST Phantom is the main control unit for system, featuring a built in quad band GPRS/GSM Module that allows the system to send call or text up to 8 phone numbers with a voice recording or text message letting you know the vessel’s status and the event that has occurred. The GOST Phantom can support up to 64 wireless sensors for security & monitoring and 8 wireless relays to control any AC/DC functions on board.

The system alerts owners in the event of high water in the bilge, low battery voltage, loss of shore power, smoke or intrusion on the vessel. Wireless relays will activate external sirens and flash the vessel’s lights when intrusion is detected and can also control AC or DC powered devices on board, such as the ice maker, A/C, or lights.

Insight’s High Definition surveillance offers local and remote access to cameras on the vessel, using any computer or phone with an internet connection. The system can also record snap shots and video clips to a web site in the event of motion detection, or a specific event and send text messages or emails with the clip to users. Users can log in to the website to view snap shots or video, watch live streaming video off the vessel, adjust sensitivity in multiple motion detection areas and more. The IVR included in the Insight HD GPS IVR package will also store up to 90 days of video that can be accessed from the GOST Watch HD website.

Gunboat owners average 250-350 miles a day offshore and typically cover over 10,000 miles a year. About two million sea miles have been sailed by Gunboats. The company manufactures a very refined series at 40’, 55’, 60’ and 78. For more information, visit

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