www.Nav-Tracker.com allows users to manage boat tracking systems online


EMS Satamatics – a leading IsatM2M provider and a division of EMS Technologies inc. – an innovator in the design and manufacture of wireless, satellite and defense solutions – provide Nav-Tracker systems with the core modem technology and the required ground earth stations. These in conjunction with Inmarsat’s Satellite Network, provide asset tracking and monitoring capability globally. The system monitors a boat’s location and notifies up to ten people by email and/or text message every 15 minutes with the latitude/longitude, speed and heading if it is moved outside of its predefined “geo-fence”. Nav-tracker system options include 3 daily status reports and alarm notification reports if security sensors or bilge pump sensors on the vessel are tripped.

Nav-Tracker.com is a third generation tracking website which incorporates an advanced Google Earth interface allowing users to overlay a trace (breadcrumb trail) of their vessel, or fleet of vessels, with their exact current location and precisely where they have been. On the new site, users can track the movement, adjust the geo-fence radius and reporting intervals for a boat – or a fleet of boats – located anywhere in the world.

Other unique features of the new site include the ability to arm/disarm the geo-fence & sensors from the website, ping/poll the vessel at any time for the vessel’s exact position, have up to 10 text or email recipients for alerts with the ability to select which alerts go to which users. The website’s advanced technology even allows multiple users to hold different levels of access to the site, from view only options to complete control of entire fleets.

Some insurance companies now require GPS tracking devices, like the Nav-Tracker, to be installed on certain types of boats, including high performance boats and boats with high-horsepower outboards. GOST recently received a medal from the US Coast Guard in recognition of the role a Nav-Tracker system played in the quick recovery of a stolen boat in the Bahamas last September.

About EMS Satamatics

EMS Satamatics, a division of EMS Technologies (NASDAQ: ELMG) is a leader in global telematics, providing global, end-to-end tracking and monitoring solutions for transportation, security, maritime and oil and gas industries. EMS Satamatics helps companies and governments locate, track and communicate with mobile assets, safeguard their fleets, cargo and personnel, and monitor their fixed and mobile assets in the most hostile or remote terrains in the world. Visit www.satamatics.com or www.ems-t.com for more information.

About GOST

GOST manufactures wireless security, monitoring, GPS tracking & surveillance systems for boats of all sizes. Together with GOST Security Systems, our products are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide and remain one of the top ten security companies in the world. Our personalized service and innovative technology has allowed us to provide complete peace of mind for the boat owner while onboard and afar.

For more information about Nav-Tracker 2.0 and other GOST boat security, monitoring and tracking products, visit www.gostglobal.com or call 1+(954) 565-9898.

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