GNT 1.0 Push Button

The GNT-1.0-Push-Button is an IP67 Rated water resistant latching push button (push on – push off). The push button can be used both as a covert geo-fence arm/disarm button and/or a panic button. When used as an arm/disarm button it will control the geo-fence on board the vessel.

When used as a panic button, the GOST Nav-Tracker will send ‘in alarm’ messages with the vessels name, latitude, longitude, speed & heading. It will continue to do so at whatever interval is selected on the website (2 to 30 min) until the user presses it again, at which time it will send the same information with the message ‘alarm cleared’. The messages will be sent to the website and to any designated message recipients as an email or text message. This feature is very useful on jet skis or other small watercraft when users run out of fuel, get lost, get into trouble or cannot get the jet ski started after a spill.