[table td1=”Start Date” td2=”End Date” td3=”Location” td4=”Name of Event” td5=”Booth Info / Event Website”]
[td1] 8/15/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 8/15/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Fort Lauderdale, FL [/td3]
[td4] GOST Annual Training [/td4]
[td5] Bahia Mar
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[td1] 9/5/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 9/7/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Tampa, FL [/td3]
[td4] Tampa Boat Show [/td4]
[td5] HWH Electronics, Booth 141- Main Hall Booth
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[td1] 9/11/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 9/14/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Newport, RI [/td3]
[td4] Newport Int’l Boat Show [/td4]
[td5] Newport Yachting Center: 4 Commercial Wharf, America’s Cup Ave
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[td1] 9/12/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 9/21/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Southampton, Hampshire, UK [/td3]
[td4] PSP Southampton Boat Show [/td4]
[td5] CA Clase UK,Stand G147
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[td1] 9/30/2014[/td1]
[td2] 10/2/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Tampa, FL [/td3]
[td4] 2014 IBEX [/td4]
[td5] ComMar – Booth 1017,
Gemeco – Booth 1845,
Tampa Convention Center
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[td1] 10/8/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 10/11/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Fort Myers, FL [/td3]
[td4] NMEA [/td4]
[td5] GOST – Booth 45 Sanibel Harbour Marriot Resort & Spa
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[td1] 10/28/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 10/29/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Nassau, Bahamas[/td3]
[td4] Maritime Security Outlook Caribbean Conference [/td4]
[td5] Booth 2 – British Colonial Hilton Nassau,Governor’s Ballroom –
View Event Website [/td5]

[td1] 10/30/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 11/3/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Fort Lauderdale, FL[/td3]
[td4] 2014 Fort Lauderdale Int. Boat Show[/td4]
[td5] GOST – Booth 312
Electronics Tent[/td5]

[td1] 11/18/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 11/20/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Amsterdam, Netherlands[/td3]
[td4] 2014 METS [/td4]
[td5] GOST Stand 01.708
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[td1] 12/3/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 12/5/2014 [/td2]
[td3] New Orleans, LA[/td3]
[td4] 2014 Int’l Workboat Show & Annual Conference [/td4]
[td5]GOST – Booth 3213
ComMar – Booth 1404[/td5]

[td1] 12/4/2014 [/td1]
[td2] 12/7/2014 [/td2]
[td3] St Petersburg, FL[/td3]
[td4] 2014 St Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show [/td4]
[td5]HWH Electronics Tent 2,Booth 367
View Event Website[/td5]

[td1] 01/23/2015 [/td1]
[td2] 02/01/2014 [/td2]
[td3] Seattle, WA[/td3]
[td4] Seattle Boat Show [/td4]
[td5]Coast Marine Marketing – Concourse 2317
S3 Maritime – Concourse 2418[/td5]

[td1] 01/30/2015 [/td1]
[td2] 01/31/2015 [/td2]
[td3] Riviera Beach, FL[/td3]
[td4] Viking VIP [/td4]

[td1] 02/04/2015 [/td1]
[td2] 02/08/2015 [/td2]
[td3] Atlantic City, NJ[/td3]
[td4] Atlantic City Boat Show [/td4]
[td5]ComMar – Booth 444
Martek of NJ – Booth 336[/td5]

[td1] 02/12/2015 [/td1]
[td2] 02/16/2015 [/td2]
[td3] Miami, FL[/td3]
[td4] Miami Boat Show [/td4]
[td5] GOST – Booth 1693 [/td5]

[td1] 02/14/15 [/td1]
[td2] 02/22/15 [/td2]
[td3] Boston, MA[/td3]
[td4] New England Boat Show [/td4]
[td5] Boston Convention Center [/td5]

[td1] 03/26/15 [/td1]
[td2] 03/29/2015 [/td2]
[td3] West Palm Beach, FL [/td3]
[td4] Palm Beach Int’l Boat Show [/td4]
[td5] [/td5]

[td1] 05/21/2015 [/td1]
[td2] 05/24/2015 [/td2]
[td3] Queensland, AU [/td3]
[td4] Sanctuary Cove Int’l Boat Show [/td4]
[td5] [/td5]

[td1] 05/29/15 [/td1]
[td2] 05/31/2015 [/td2]
[td3] Panama City, FL [/td3]
[td4] Flamenco Marina [/td4]
[td5] GOST – Booth 178-179 [/td5]