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If You Want To Keep An Eye On Your Boat When You’re Not There, Now There’s An App For That.
New GOST™ Watch HD App for smart phones and tablets  

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) -  Marine tracking, monitoring and security systems supplier GOST™ (Global Ocean Security Technologies) has launched an app to enable users of its GOST Watch HD system to log in and view their live on board cameras. The free, easy to use app for iPhone, iPad and  Android users can be downloaded via the respective app stores.

Downloads are also available here:
 - iPhone and iPad
 - Android

For a free demo after downloading, contact GOST at sales@gostglobal.com or call 1+.954.565.9898.

With the GOST Watch HD System, you can keep an eye on your boat when you're not there and be alerted to events. Remotely monitor all activities on board - or around your boat. Watch live video of your boat and set cameras to record clips based on motion detection. An optional GOST Watch HD IVR 1TB can be easily be added to record up to 6 cameras for up to 90 days* of continuous recording using an advanced MPEG4 data compression.

GOST Watch HD can be used as a stand alone surveillance system or as part of the GOST Insight HD System. A variety of cameras are available from GOST or the system can be easily added to existing analog or thermal cameras on board.

*Actual recording time may vary depending on what is in view of the cameras.

For more information about GOST Watch HD and other GOST marine tracking, monitoring and security systems, visit www.gostglobal.com or call 1+954.565.9898.

Global Ocean Security Technologies - 1200 NE 7th Ave Suite 4 - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 USA

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