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The GOST Phantom is the only monitoring system on the market with two-way voice and completely wireless security and monitoring. Imagine personalized, reliable and individually voice labeled wireless sensors monitoring: intrusion, high water, AC power loss, low battery power and more. Using third generation wireless technology the GOST Phantom is proven and reliable.

The GOST Phantom has features that no other system offers. For example, the GOST Phantom has up to four wireless relays (PGM's), which can control any AC or DC powered device on board. These are 5 amp relays that can even be used to control larger load applications by triggering a high current relay. These relays, like the entire system, are customizable and have many uses.

For example, they can be hooked to the cockpit lights or horns and be set to pulse on alarm. They can also be used to remotely turn on your ice maker, AC/heat, open pneumatic doors, start generators and even as a kill switch for your boats engines.

Another feature of these relays is they can be controlled from the programmable button on the systems key fob remote controls. This is particularly handy when returning to the vessel after dark. Imagine being able to turn on the spreader lights in an unfamiliar marina to find your boat, and then upon arriving being able to turn the lights on in the salon prior to boarding. The GOST Phantom not only provides owners peace of mind when they are away from their boat, but also adds several automated conveniences when using your boat.

The wireless aspect of the system is also one of its big selling points. Due to the ease of installation, this is especially true in the after market sales. In the past when boaters wanted to add a security system to their boat, the installation could easily cost more that the system itself. The only wiring required on the GOST Phantom connects the main control panel and cellular communicator or GPS antenna to power and the rest of the system operates off two AA, two AAA or one 9V battery. Another great feature is the notification when the batteries are getting low so there is never a time when the boat goes unprotected. At GOST we recommend changing the batteries once a year, just as you would your home smoke detector. The GOST Phantom transmits on 433 MHz and 868 MHz and is a FCC security only listed frequency and will not interfere with any other RF device onboard the vessel. This is in stark contrast to previous wireless systems that could interfere with other systems on the boat, and be easily fooled by savvy criminals.

The call out feature is something else that boaters enjoy. This is accomplished by using GSM cellular technology. This allows our customers to take their boat anywhere in the world and simply buy a prepaid sim card, insert it in the communicator and they are ready to go. The owner does not have to enter into a service contract, and can keep it prepaid thru Cingular, or any GSM provider of their choice.

The security features of the GOST Phantom are accomplished with several sensors we use to provide complete protection. The first are our wireless motion detectors. We offer three different detectors depending on your needs. First we have a single optical, passive infrared (PIR) detector that comes with our value packages. Second, for added protection, we have a dual optical, PIR detector which comes with our premier package. Third, we have an outdoor, waterproof, dual optical PIR detector. All of these detector's are truly PET immune and not plagued with false alarms.

In most cases, security companies turn the sensitivity down to allow for pets, GOST has patented their pet immune technology. Further on down our security line we have three wireless magnetic door contacts. Our standard contact that is included in all of our packages has a dual purpose. It not only utilizes a magnetic switch, but it can also be used to monitor any normally open/normally closed loop sensor. This is just another example of how our product differentiates itself from the competition. We also have an ultra small hatch sensor and a larger, long range door contact for vessels over 150 feet. In addition to these sensors, we offer photoelectric beam sensors for those hard to protect areas where a motion detector is not practical. These are particularly useful for protecting cockpit and fly bridge areas.

We have several other options used in customizing a system. For example, we have temperature sensors which will call the customer when their boat reaches a high or low temperature, solar charger units for boats that spend most of their time on a mooring, as well as high water and low voltage sensors to monitor their vessel's status and deal with any issues before they become problems. The GOST Phantom is a boater's dream providing peace of mind 24/7.













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